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Custom Cloud Services in Delaware & Greater Philadelphia areas

Dealing with the complexities of cloud-based applications integration can be a very difficult task. Our highly skilled team of professinal certified technicians can implement a complete customized cloud solution that can dynamically scale to meet and exceed your computing, security, storage, migration, business continuity and disaster recovery needs for your business.

Cloud computing is shared by multiple users and allocated per demand to maximize the effectiveness of the shared resource. Multiple users will have access to a server so they can retrieve and update their data without purchasing licenses for different applications. This approach increases efficiency and is cost effective by avoiding upfront infrastructure costs and requires less maintenance. Your business can benefit in many ways, such as reduced costs, flexibility, stability, security and collaboration.

IT Integrity provides strategic cloud services to small businesses in Delaware and the Greater Philadelphia area that are flexible, scalable, reliable, secure and cost effective, including:

  • Online Data Storage
  • Backup Solutions
  • Web-based Email Services
  • Hosted Office Suites
  • Document Collaboration
  • Data Processing
  • Managed Technical Support


How can your company benefit from Cloud Services?

Top 5 Cloud Benefits

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